You Will Feel...

A Concise Collection Of My Personal Favorite Activities.


Desire & Desperation
Tease & Denial || Chastity Play

I feed off of your uncontrollable hunger. I am that deep aching in your mind and soul that completely consumes you. My lips curl at the sound of your frenzied breath catching in your throat as your body betrays you- and it becomes undeniably MINE.


Sensory Overload || Deprivation || Impact Play

I will take you to the very edges of your mind and body as I control your every sensation and you are pushed to the furthest confinements of yourself. You will quiver and shake- dissolve into pools of melted honey. You will surrender to Me.


Humiliation || Degradation|| Objectification

I will break you. Destroy you. Completely use you.
You will be an empty shell that I will build and mold into My perfect toy.
You will please Me.



How joyous it is to watch you squirm and pant, with your eyes wide, and sweat pouring down your body. I enjoy the taste of your fear between My lips.



How lovely you look in that dress and heels. My hands all over your body caressing your lingerie, admiring the pretty stockings I chose for My pretty plaything to wear for Me. Commanding you to move, act, and think like a Woman. You will become the perfect sissy for Me and embody all qualities divinely feminine.


Sweet. Savory. Spicy. Sour. Hot. Cold. Wet. Slimy. Creamy. I will envelope you in cascading sensory delights.


Feet. Boots. Heels. Nylon/Stockings.
Leather. Latex/Rubber. Lingerie.


My #1 love language. Show your devotion by utilizing your unique skills to make yourself useful to Me.

Pet Play

Obedience Training. Pet Play Day.
Be My pride and joy and show me how good of a pet you can be for Me.


Devil Next Door. Schoolyard Bully. Classroom/Office Seduction. Asian Empress. Torture. Extended Confinement.
I enjoy exploring the limitlessness boundaries of our imaginations.

Slut Training

On your knees, where you belong.

I love cultivating fantasies into realities, and my book of skills is expansive. If there is something that you are interested in that I have not mentioned above, do not hesitate to mention it in your application to Me.