Domina Ara Lee

Southern California Asian Professional Dominatrix

I am the infinity shaped angel deep in your aching veins;
the dark, visceral wildfire that has already begun to consume you.
I am playful, mysterious, and devastatingly intuitive-
the fever dream that pervades your waking daze.

BDSM is My art and I feel infinite when I create through memorable sensory experiences.

Utilizing highs, lows, pain, pleasure, tension, release, desire, desperation, and intense personal growth are My favorite forms of connecting with others on a deeply visceral human level. I honor and cherish the mutual intimacy, vulnerability and trust necessary for building these powerful life-long relationships. Service and obedience are beautiful gifts, and I cherish those who are willing to explore the boundaries of both mind and body under My caressing yet biting hand. To have those under My rule bloom and evolve inside and outside of kink, and become the best version of themselves that they can be for Me are some of the most gratifying aspects of these sacred bonds.

I enjoy the amalgamation of psychologically stimulating and creative play, sensual sadism, and unbridled catharsis. I am fiercely demanding, maintain high expectations, and am an extremely strict disciplinarian. I enjoy creating liberating clarity for My submissives through My voice and guidance. I allow My captives to surrender into complete freedom through their devotion to Me.

With My natural elegance and powerful guidance, you will desire nothing more than to give yourself completely to Me.

To be owned. To serve. To obey. To please.

Let go and follow the sound of My voice- surrender to the gold light that streams from My fingertips and My open eyes.

I will break you. Mold you. Build you. Only then will you truly be set free.

Surrender to Me.